The new nano technological finish AVANTGARDE:


The nano technological is an applied research based on the study and handling of the material on dimensional scale on the molecular level. Innovative paints have been created  using this technology, they offer tactile and visual finish that cannot be obtained with the common paints used on the furnishing field. Moreover, nano technological paints become to be more resistant to the time use, to the saline corrosion, to the scratches, to chemical agents and to the UV rays, this guarantee an un – changed colour tone even under a direct exposure to the sun light of the final product.

Nano technological paints can be applied on every kind of surface.


Colours available Diamond Gold, Diamond Bronze and Velvet Caffe


Colours available white or black porcelain. This paint gives a “zero gloss”  finish to the surface, that means an 100% opaque finish that completely doesn’t reflect the light, touching it you will have the sensation of touching the porcelain.


Transparent paint that make every surface completely repellent to bacterial agents, moulds and micro organisms.