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Designed by Studio Kairos

Shapes and functions characterized by both classic and modern elements.
Xila combines timeless charming elements, integrating the tradition of wood with aluminium technology, true core and base of the entire program.

Perimeter realized from a 6060 aluminium alloy for high quality anodizing, extruded from an exclusive matrix, realized according to Astor specifications.


Program of custom measured separating wings, that well fit with the Xila collection.

- perimetral structure made of extruded aluminium, symmetrically coupled to two veneered or lacquered MDF profiles
- tempered glass internal mirror or mirror wirh a protective film
- internal mirror made of lacquered or veneer pannel
- options: muntins, silk-screen printing, engraving


Only natural raw materials, special aesthetic effects that show great harmony, and a wide range of shades.
All veneers of our products are made only in wood or wood composites. A choice that, on one hand,intentionally eliminates the use of artificial materials, while on the other, is supervised by our master carpenters that, thanks to their sensitivity and capacity, define the best combination of wood grain to achieve a more natural look from time to time.
High-level aesthetic content, but also maximum resistance over time against to wear, thanks to structural components made of honeycomb panels or laminated blockboard.


Wood is the protagonist: the wood surface  is treated to prevent the further processing of lacquer to fill up wood pores, keeping them "open" to highlight the natural grain of the Oak.


All surfaces can be lacquered with available colors or colors in demand.


Nano technological coatings can be applied on all the materials and surfaces of the product, they become to be more resistant to the time use, to the saline corrosion, to the scratches, to chemical agents and to the UV rays.


Colours available Diamond Gold, Diamond Bronze and Velvet Caffe


Colours available white or black porcelain. This paint gives a “zero gloss”  finish to the surface, that means an 100% opaque finish that completely doesn’t reflect the light, touching it you will have the sensation of touching the porcelain.


Tempered float glasses, 5 mm thick. conforming to European standard UNI EN 12150.
3 +3 mm laminated glass. with safety film.
5 mm mirrors with safety film to be lacquered on the back.


Decorations are made only on opaque or frosted neutral and bronze glass or on gray opaque glass.