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Designed by Studio Bonetti Design

Minimal and functional Simplicity.

Meeting allows a variety of situations where anyone can reclaim its own space. In total autonomy. Feel free to access without revealing. Feel free to create a single large room. Meeting is a contemporary solution that fits both in domestic spaces and business oriented spaces.


Meeting: a moving elements system that allows you to create and then reconfigure living spaces with flexibility and rationality.
Meeting wall is composed of a portal (left and right vertical upright and beam with sliding track), a swing door and a roto-translating wall that allows the full opening of the compartment.
Structure made of 40 mm honeycomb double wood panel and laminated wood multilayer laths, veneered or lacquered, available in Astor colours. Float frosted or opaque glass bends, tempered, 10 mm thick.



Only natural raw materials, special aesthetic effects that show great harmony, and a wide range of shades.
All veneers of our products are made only in wood or wood composites. A choice that, on one hand,intentionally eliminates the use of artificial materials, while on the other, is supervised by our master carpenters that, thanks to their sensitivity and capacity, define the best combination of wood grain to achieve a more natural look from time to time.
High-level aesthetic content, but also maximum resistance over time against to wear, thanks to structural components made of honeycomb panels or laminated blockboard.




All surfaces can be lacquered with available colors or colors in demand.


Tempered float glasses, 5 mm thick. conforming to European standard UNI EN 12150.
3 +3 mm laminated glass. with safety film.
5 mm mirrors with safety film to be lacquered on the back.