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Designed by Studio Bonetti Design 

Experimentation and Design

Aesthetics takes shape, precise geometries give rise to solutions that release concepts of design and functionality. The door is invested of a new meaning, becomes a piece of furniture, which is defined by form and character. Bridge is technology, exclusive materials, and innovation. Bridge meets the needs of all those who, with ease, want to separate areas and activities, or open and share moments.


The Bridge system opens by sliding one of the two door panels: when closed, they create a single plane and a unique design. The Bridge wall is composed of a portal (vertical left and right upright, sliding self-standing track), and two panels, one of which runs anteriorly or posteriorly on the other, by horizontal translation on a ± 55 mm cam.

Structure made of 40 mm honeycomb double wood panel and laminated wood multilayer laths, veneered or lacquered, available in Astor colours. Float frosted or opaque glass bends, 8 or 10 mm thick.



Only natural raw materials, special aesthetic effects that show great harmony, and a wide range of shades.
All veneers of our products are made only in wood or wood composites. A choice that, on one hand,intentionally eliminates the use of artificial materials, while on the other, is supervised by our master carpenters that, thanks to their sensitivity and capacity, define the best combination of wood grain to achieve a more natural look from time to time.
High-level aesthetic content, but also maximum resistance over time against to wear, thanks to structural components made of honeycomb panels or laminated blockboard.


Light and shadow motion unique look for each product, obtained through the wood brushing processing: the ALBURNA part is removed in order to emphasize the grain of the wood.


Wood is the protagonist: the wood surface  is treated to prevent the further processing of lacquer to fill up wood pores, keeping them "open" to highlight the natural grain of the Oak.


All surfaces can be lacquered with available colors or colors in demand.