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Designed by Studio Kairos

Jamb Evolution : Evolution of simplicity, Evolution of Ideas, Evolution of materials.

Evolution is based on a principle of a ductile usage , with applications that, in aesthetic terms, can assume characters of newness, both technical and essential.


Evolution is a patented design, born from a collaboration between Astor Mobili and Studio Kairos.

Evolution comes from the desire to develop an identifiable and distinctive jamb, designed for a fast and accurate positioning, without limitation on wall sizes. A unique design that consists of several variables: from the customization of wooden lacquered or aluminum frames, til its usage on stonework or plasterboard walls as follows:

- Evolution prepared for stonework walls, with frames, traditional pushing opening or reverse pushing opening for some
- Evolution ready for plasterboard to walls without frames, with raditional pushing opening or reverse pushing opening for
  some prototypes


Only natural raw materials, special aesthetic effects that show great harmony, and a wide range of shades.
All veneers of our products are made only in wood or wood composites. A choice that, on one hand,intentionally eliminates the use of artificial materials, while on the other, is supervised by our master carpenters that, thanks to their sensitivity and capacity, define the best combination of wood grain to achieve a more natural look from time to time.
High-level aesthetic content, but also maximum resistance over time against to wear, thanks to structural components made of honeycomb panels or laminated blockboard.


Light and shadow motion unique look for each product, obtained through the wood brushing processing: the ALBURNA part is removed in order to emphasize the grain of the wood.


Wood is the protagonist: the wood surface  is treated to prevent the further processing of lacquer to fill up wood pores, keeping them "open" to highlight the natural grain of the Oak.


All surfaces can be lacquered with available colors or colors in demand.